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When a close mentor-figure passes away tragically, how do you react?

Sit and sulk or find the strength to honor their legacy in the best way you know how? I chose the latter.


Hearing the news of Susan's passing left me at a loss for words. However, I wanted to do something that would make her proud by continuing touch people's lives as she touched mine. Susan was an advocate for inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance. She worked with various communities to enhance cross-cultural dialogue and co-existence. I wanted to emulate these same values in a creative way which spoke to the world's need for change. 


As I reflected on the world’s current state, I have realized that in a world filled with so much intolerance of others based on our differences, we must respond by affirming diversity as a strength through kindness and acceptance. It is very unfortunate to say that in today's world, diversity is often diminished by the need to mainstream our culture. However, in order to stop the spread of intolerance, change must occur. Instead of merely being present, we must be active. I am willing to take on the responsibility in order to make a better society for our future. With that driven mindset, Rocks of Unity™ was established. ​

Some may believe that our differences divide us; however, we must learn how to accept our own self-identity before we can accept the identity of others. Kindness is universal and is what unites these differences. By working with individuals of all ages, I am ensuring that the ideals of kindness and acceptance do not get lost with the changing times and will always be passed down for generations to come. 



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