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“One of the virtues of Alexa’s project is that it has multiple access points for students’ civic participation. That’s the beauty of trying to counter intolerance with art, it allows for multiple registers and viewpoints to be heard.”


- Jill S.: Associate Professor at St. John Fisher College 


“I have the most amazing fans. I believe that kindness should always be our first response. We should use our physical bodies to make a positive change in the world. I support all my fans, but especially Alexa, who is changing the world in a positive way.”

- Theresa Caputo: Reality Television Star-Long Island Medium 


“I truly believe that Rocks of Unity is causing kindness to spread and showing in a unique way how we are all connected.”


-Julie G.: Second grade teacher at Tapestry Charter School 

“I think Rocks of Unity is very important because it tells us that our differences don’t divide us. They unite us. That is very good. Thank you so much, Alexa, you’re amazing. Thank you for spreading kindness everywhere.”

-Eleanor M.: Rocks of Unity participant

“East Meets West Yoga has supported Rocks of Unity from the very first time Alexa came to our studio.  Her enthusiasm and passion to change the world is infectious!  As a yoga community, we always work to foster peace, loving kindness, compassion, and tolerance.  These ideals are at the heart of Rocks of Unity!!  Our differences aside, we are all human beings, trying to do our best.  Rocks of Unity reinforces the idea that nothing need separate our shared human experience. When I think about Rocks of Unity, and Alexa, I am reminded of the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

-Leigh F.: Owner of East Meets West Yoga 

“Rocks Of Unity has helped my children not only focus on themselves and their accomplishments, but those of others around them. While my children have learned through growing up that everyone is different and that they are not going to be best friends with everyone, Rocks Of Unity has helped them see that the differences in people are a positive and my children have embraced others differences as strengths and not weaknesses. I have seen them look deeper into people and not just judge the superficial aspects of people. I have seen them form new, and sometimes unlikely, relationships with people who are very different than them because my children now appreciate these differences and do not use them to judge others.“

-Leanne G.: Parent of two Rocks of Unity participants


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